Clients & Testimonials

“We have been able to do more work at a higher quality and with fewer people”~ Dave Carney, Owner, Access Imaging Solutions, LLC

“We saw a 77% jump in scan technician productivity…that made a direct bottom line improvement for us and our clients!”~ Katja Becker, CFO, Recordsforce, Inc.

Access Imaging Solutions, LLC
aisAccess Imaging Solutions, LLC has over 45 years of experience in business process improvement, making them masters of operational excellence and cost reduction. Their diverse set of service offerings and end-to-end solutions fit the needs of Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Commercial, Government, Transportation and Distribution.

Desktop Imaging, Ltd.

logo_desktopimagingDesktop Imaging is a privately owned imaging & scanning bureau specializing in imaging solutions. Established in 1997, it has grown to be among the largest commercial imaging bureaus in New Zealand. Desktop Imaging currently employs over 50 staff and operates in sites throughout New Zealand.


logo_recordsforce-_croppedRecordsforce, Inc.
Recordsforce, Inc. is a privately owned document scanning and document management service bureau located in New Hampshire.  Recordsforce provides custom document management solutions for a wide variety of industries and company sizes.  They specialize in document scanning, document imaging, web-based content management, data extraction, process automation, software integration and implementation.