Production Manager Client Portal

Clear Chain of Custody.  Complete Process Transparency.


The Client Portal, available with Production Manager, lets your customers inside your process without ever leaving their desks.  Your clients get real-time document conversion tracking; you get a one-of-a-kind competitive advantage in your marketplace.


Client Portal Key Benefits:

Chain of Custody Tracking – Give your end customers peace of mind.  Let them track their records before they even leave their offices.

Accelerate Speed of Trust – In an outsourced scanning company, a good sales process builds the prospect’s faith in your offering.  Let the Client Portal provide them proof that you are the real deal.  And whether you are an in-house scanning department, a BPO or service bureau, the Client Portal’s real-time status view puts even the most ardent disbelievers at ease.

Turn-Around Accountability – Offer your client the means for them to hold you accountable on mutually agreed upon turn-around commitments.


Key Features of the Production Manager Client Portal:

Secure Access – Each Client Portal user requires a unique email and password to access the system.  The user is only allowed to see the specific company project(s) to which they have been assigned.

Schedule a Pick-Up – Select the project and box count (or other container type) and schedule the shipment.  The Client Portal will generate a transmittal sheet for each box.

View/Edit Pending Shipments – Make a change to a pending shipment, or delete it outright.

Dashboard: Batch Status, Due Date View – Review the open or closed batches for any project the end customer portal user has access to see, including their due date.

Dashboard: Batch Status, Tasks Status View – Allows end customer to review the status of work, at the individual task level, for a given batch.  See status on completion of task such as document preparation, scanning, indexing, etc.